The December New Years Retail Therapy Round-Up

Jennifer "Jay" Palumbo
6 min readDec 31, 2021

In the words (or singing voice) of Shirley Bassey, “The party’s over… it’s time to call it a day.”

The holidays have passed. The year is almost at an end, and while the ball has yet to drop, thanks to Omicron, we’ve once again been encouraged to stay home and avoid our fellow humans instead of ringing in the New Year with a party. Oh well. We had a few good weeks there, right?

So, not only is it a perfect time to treat yourself to some gifts you may not have been lucky enough to receive for the holiday, but online shopping doesn’t entail a face mask and social distancing. I mean, if you want to wear an N95 while surfing the web, I won’t judge you, but given your options, I’d go with sipping champagne instead. It makes retail therapy just a bit more festive.

This month’s Retail Therapy Round-Up has a wide array of items you may want to get yourself, consider for next year, or buy for a friend or family member’s upcoming birthday. Or there may be someone who gave you a gift, but you didn’t get anything for that you may need to do the “I bought this for you before the holidays but just forgot to give it to you” thing. We’ve all been there. Your secret is safe with me!

As always, here’s my little preamble: Some of these products were sent to me to try out. Others, I ordered solely on my own and loved them. No one has paid me to include any of these products in this piece. I don’t work for or profit from any of these companies in any shape or form. This is just one consumer speaking to another saying, “Hey there! These products don’t suck! Check them out!”

And with that, let’s dive into the Retail-Therapy Round-Up for December 2021!

The Product List

Holiday Haul Box

Resolution: Make every holiday count!

This subscription box service offers you holiday decor for your home, all without running to JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels. Instead, you receive seven holidays and 6–9 beautiful, boutique-quality decor items per box. This past Christmas, I received a wide array of pillows…

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