The Wonderful World of Retail Therapy Round-Up: February 2024

Jennifer "Jay" Palumbo
4 min readFeb 17, 2024


Welcome, one and all, to a whimsical journey through the world of retail therapy! For this month, we’re diving headfirst into a treasure trove of innovative products that will bring a smile and a skip to your step. These gems are practical and downright delightful, from ultrasonic cleaners to interactive affirmation bears.

But first, as always — my disclaimer: Some of these products were sent to me to try out. Others, I ordered solely on my own and loved them. No one has paid me to include any of these products in this piece, and I don’t work for or make a profit off of any of these companies. One consumer is speaking to another, saying, “Hey there! These products don’t suck! Check them out!”

So, grab your favorite beverage, cozy up in your comfiest chair, and embark on this online shopping adventure (without moving) together!

February 2024’s Product Round-Up

1. Sonic Fresh Ultrasonic Cleaner:

Do you have retainers, dentures, or clear aligners that need a little freshening up? In my case, it’s a mouth guard (don’t judge! I’m a clencher when sleeping!) Well, look no further than the Sonic Fresh Ultrasonic Cleaner! This magical pod uses sonic technology to clean your items without harsh chemicals. It’s so gentle some customers even use it to clean their jewelry — talk about multitasking! At $56.99, it’s a small price to pay for sparkling clean items and peace of mind.

2. Ready Rocker:

Who says rocking chairs have to be big and bulky? Not Ready Rocker! This portable rocking chair is perfect for rocking on the go. Whether at the park, the beach, or just in your living room, the Ready Rocker provides the soothing motion you crave. It’s like having your rocking chair wherever you are. Get yours for $124.99 and rock on, rock star!

3. Believe a Buddy Affirmation Teddy Bear:

Meet Winston. The interactive affirmation bears from Believe a Buddy. Created by Cat Kozuch, this bear is more than just a cuddly toy — it’s a source of positivity and empowerment. With 52 cards promoting mindfulness and self-confidence, Winston reminds you that you’re awesome, just as you are. Join the movement for $39.99 and spread some bear-y good vibes.

4. Axol and Friends Weighted Plushie:

Are you looking for a plushie that’s both cuddly and calming? Look no further than Axol and Friends Weighted Plushie. This adorable plushie is designed to provide a gentle, comforting weight, making it perfect for bedtime or times of stress. Plus, its cute design will surely bring a smile to your face. Get yours for $49.99 and snuggle up to some serious comfort. My oldest son, who is neurodiverse, absolutely loves his!

5. Canary Concentrated Foaming Handsoap:

Say goodbye to boring old hand soap and hello to Canary Concentrated Foaming Handsoap! This eco-friendly soap comes in a compact 3 oz bar that yields 12 bottles of luxurious foaming soap. Simply drop the soap slice into a glass bottle, add warm water, and voila — you’ve got yourself a foamy, fragrant treat. It also lasts longer (and smells better) than any liquid soap I’ve ever used before. Available in Cedar Mint and Fir Needle + Sage scents for $12.99.

6. Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum:

Experience the magic of Chaga with Blithe’s Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum. This serum-cream hybrid combines Chaga’s nourishing power with a serum’s potency, resulting in hydrated, firm, and youthful skin. With a 59.4% Chaga concentration, this serum is a skincare game-changer. Get yours for $68.99 and glow like never before.

7. WellBody HeatBall:

Let’s talk about my hips for a moment, shall we? You know how Shakira’s hips don’t lie? Well, thanks to arthritis, mine are PAINFULLY blunt. Heat can help. If you have similar issues, then rev up your recovery routine with the WellBody® HeatBall™. This rechargeable heated attachment enhances blood flow and improves recovery time, making it perfect for pre-workout warm-ups or post-workout relaxation. Included with every WellBody® massage gun & device, this technology is a must-have for fitness enthusiasts who like to take their recovery seriously.

The Final Checkout

In conclusion, retail therapy doesn’t have to be boring — it can be downright healing! With these innovative products, you can add a touch of whimsy to your life while also taking care of practical needs. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a little shopping and sanity. You deserve it!



Jennifer "Jay" Palumbo

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